Black Swan Ranch Botanical Gardens


The Mission

When Tim and I bought the Ranch in 2010, the ground was hard and dry and the trees were suffering. It became my mission to get things back to a natural state.  I started with the soil.  By covering the ground with chipped bark from dead and dying trees on the property, the soil began to regenerate.  I started a blog on the work that we have done and continue to do at the ranch (click here for the blog

The Work Continues

There is always work to be done at the ranch.  Along with our native habitat restoration,  we have over 750 sq.ft. dedicated to growing vegetables and fruit.   Hot and cold composting are essential to our sucess and so are our critters.  Our goats and chickens provide vital nutrients for the soil in the gardens.   Chickens lay eggs which helps in the kitchen.  All of our animals bring us lots of joy and emotional support as tending to our furry and feathered family members is very rewarding.

Certified Wildlife Habitat

We have been certified as a Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.  As we improve the native species of plants, we also invite the native wildlife (birds, insects, reptiles and mammals) to visit.  We have several species of birds that come annually to build nests and raise their young at BSRBG.  They are fun to watch and they help out with bug control.  There is a healthy hawk and owl population on the ranch and that helps keep the rodent population in check.  We have seen a large influx of native bees and insects that help keep the bad bugs out of the gardens (and minimize the use of chemical pest control).  We enjoy supporting this natural cycle of life and are certainly reaping the benefits. 

some BSRBG videos

this is a little cautionary tale about silky chickens and rattle snakes.