My Music Bio:

Coko Brown is a singer/songwriter who plays guitar, bass, Shakuhachi and Native American flutes.  Also a visual artist, Coko often combines painting and music allowing her to give instruments pictures and paintings sound.  Coko plays a variety of styles and  performs regularly. 

Coko Brown Promo

Just A Taste, Nectarine CD

I play bass on all the tracks except Different where I play acoustic guitar.  I sing on all tracks and do the lead vox on Different and Mean and Evil.

Live show at Winstons with Nectarine

Nectarine CD Got Back

I play bass on all tracks and sing lead on Universe, on the other tracks I am singing backup.


These three tracks are off of my first solo  CD  LUCA. I composed, recorded and produced this CD in 2015.  Recorded in my studio, Black Swan Ranch Studios.  The Mastering was done by Peter Sprague.  To get the CD and the additional 5 tracks please contact me to purchase a copy of LUCA,.

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