Goats Are Fun

All you have to do is watch one cute little goat video to get hooked on these adorable creatures.  They are the absolute best family pet since the dog!  They are like dogs, and they are serious fun.  Their gentleness and playful nature rivals any domesticated family pet.  This page is dedicated to cuteness and fun! 

Life Is good at BSR

Ziggy Stardust on his Coolaroo Bed


We initially bought these beds for our dogs.  They are great for any size dog and they love laying on them.  We thought we'd try em out on our goats and guess what?  They love them too. 

All the Kids on thier Coolaroos.


These bed are tough and can take some abuse.  They keep the kids off the ground, keeping them dry in the winter and cool in the summer as air can circulate under them.  You can get your loved ones thier own at

Jack has discovered my zippers and loves to play with them.

Jack & Ruby as babies

I'm working in a new video software called Divinci Resolve 16 .  I made this short video to try out the new platform.  It's gonna take some study but it will be a more robust film editing tool for me to have in my arsenal. Enjoy!