Daily Paintings

At least once a year I challenge myself by doing a painting a day for one month.  This exercise is great for loosening up and getting to the easel.  Life gets busy and there isn't always time to paint.  Challenging oneself to do one painting everyday for a month results in some good painting practice.  

 These daily challenges get your hands, eyes and brain in sync.  If you're feeling stuck or sense that your work is not progressing, this exercise can help.  The paintings are done from life and it helps to choose things to paint that you might find difficult .  Many of the paintings are done in 15 minutes which is another great painting exercise that I love to do.    For me,  it's working with things like self portraits and ellipses that I find hard, so I'll do a good number of those.  I frequently use this time to try new things like different paints, mediums and substrates.  I urge every painter to try this exercise. 

Daily Painting time lapse