Certified Master Gardener

MG Committee Work

Currently I am involved with the Growing Opportunity and Reminiscence Gardening committees and assist the Communications Committee by doing educational and informative videos for the program. 

My work with Growing Opportunities involves a garden that was built in a girls detention facility in San Diego.  The garden provides horticultural therapy to the girls. I teach the girls plein air painting in the garden.  Incorporating basic art theory concepts with life lessons, I have developed a formula that is  almost a no fail method which allows the girls to produce a painting, in a couple hours, that they can be proud of.  It is a confidence building activity that seems to really be beneficial to these girls.  The paintings are photographed, made into greeting cards and sold at MG events.  The money helps to purchase more art supplies.  The girls are always happy to see thier work on the greeting cards.  All the work shown below are student's work done in the garden.


Reminiscence Garden Committee

This awesome committee was developed by two amazing MGs, Debbie and Diane. The work is with seniors who suffer with Dementia and or Alzheimers.  I'll sometimes play music while my MG partners work with the folks, but I also work directly with the seniors.  We start folks off with a sensory activity, we'll bring in cuttings from our gardens that are aromatic or have interesting textures and this gets everyone engaged.  Then there is always a fun planting activity.  The seniors love it and they get to keep whatever they plant to take back to thier rooms.   The joy that these activities bring to these individuals is precious. 



the Monarch Life Cycle.

Three Sisters Companion planting

Learn how our ancestors used companion planting strategies.  These methods are still used today.

The Pollinators

Pollination made simple.  

Soil Rehab at BSRBG

The beggining of restoration  in any landscape starts with the soil.  See how we are bringing back the soil at Black Swan Ranch Botanical Gardens

Veggie Bed prep

Incorporating different modalities, I prepare my veggie beds using the keyhole, in-place composting and chop and drop methods.